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Axiom Team Figgins Crave

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Speed 6.5 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 1

The Crave is the first driver in the Axiom Line. This moderate speed fairway driver is described as a seasoned MVP Servo. The Crave provides a straight controllable flight path with a comfortable feel and loads of color options.

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165g – D1744, 166g – D1745, 166g – D1746, 167g – D1747, 169g – D1748, 170g – D1749, 170g – D1750, 170g – D1751, 170g – D1752, 171g – D1754, 171g – D1755, 171g – D1756, 171g – D1757, 171g – D1758, 171g – D1759, 171g – D1760, 171g – D1761, 171g – D1762, 171g – D1763, 171g – D1764, 171g – D1765, 171g – D1766, 172g – D1767


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