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Discraft Ledgestone Ringer

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Speed 4 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

If you like firm, thin, putters that just feel good in your hand, the Discraft Ringer is for you. The Ringer is an overstable putter (Discraft Stability 1.5) with a low profile (1.8cm tall). The excellent feel this disc provides will help you gain confidence and make more putts, and nail your approches.

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Z Metallic, CryZtal

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173-174g – C2199, 173-174g – C2200, 173-174g – C2201, 173-174g – C2202, 173-174g – C2203, 173-174g – C2204, 173-174g – C2205, 173-174g – C2206, 173-174g – C2207, 173-174g – C2208, 173-174g – C2209, 173-174g – C2210, 173-174g – C2211, 173-174g – C2212, 173-174g – C2213, 173-174g – C2214, 173-174g – C2215, 173-174g – C2216, 173-174g – D4829, 173-174g – D4830, 173-174g – D4831, 173-174g – D4832, 173-174g – D4833


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