Eagles Wings Innova Wraith


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Champion168g - C2570$16.95
Champion168g - C2571$16.95
Champion168g - C2572$16.95
Champion171g - C2573$16.95
Champion172g - C2574$16.95
Champion172g - C2575$16.95
Champion173g - C2576$16.95
Champion173g - C2577$16.95
Champion173g - C2578$16.95
Champion173g - C2579$16.95


Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3

The Innova Wraith is a long stable distance driver with decent speed, exceptional glide, and precision accuracy. Players of many different skill levels can get great distance with the Wraith. The neutral stability of the Wraith allow it to be a valuable disc in all wind conditions. This driver works well for both forehand and backhand throws.

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Weight - Option

168g – C2570, 168g – C2571, 168g – C2572, 171g – C2573, 172g – C2574, 172g – C2575, 173g – C2576, 173g – C2577, 173g – C2578, 173g – C2579


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