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MF Lumen Neo174g - D7777$23.99
MF Lumen Neo174g - D7780$23.99
MF Lumen Neo174g - D7781$23.99
MF Lumen Neo174g - D7782$23.99
MF Lumen Neo174g - D7783$23.99
MF Lumen Neo175g - D7785$23.99
Lux Vapor173g - D6645$23.99
Lux Vapor174g - D6646$23.99
Lux Vapor174g - D6647$23.99
Lux Vapor174g - D6648$23.99
Lux Vapor175g - D6649$23.99
Lux Vapor175g - D6650$23.99
Lux Vapor175g - D6651$23.99
Lux Vapor176g - D6655$23.99
Lux Vapor176g - D6656$23.99


Speed 3 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

Kyle Klein’s famous signature Logic returns with Cosmic Fury 2, now available in a stunning Metal Flake Lumen blend. These Logics are quite flat with a tiny nod of dome to the profile, while the Neo blend allows it to be a bit more gummy compared to the first Cosmic Fury run.

Here’s what Kyle has to say about this latest version:

“ They’re a true point and shoot putter, with tons of glide, and there’s no nose-angle sensitivity either. They’re straighter than the CF1, and it’s a slightly shallower feel than the CF1, with a flat top and low shoulder. “

Logic has a low-profile ergonomic grip designed to fit a variety of preferences when it comes to hand feel. The slightly rounded will feel very comfortable in hand and release effortlessly every time. Players that find the P2 or Link to be a bit too deep will surely enjoy how easy a logic is to grip and control. Our goal was to create something that is very responsive to minor adjustments for all types of throws and won’t burn you if you over-correct too much.

As a straighter flying putter compared to the Link, this beadless design allows for an equal amount of glide but will offer an easier trajectory for any player on any line you want to throw it on. Although it’s designed as a putt and approach disc, many players are going to be reaching for this one of the tee as well. These versions in Lumen plastic are still going to fly just as straight as you hope a Logic would but just with a nod more stability and of course, much more durability than Exo plastics.

Pro tip: These discs are made with both Metal Flakes and Neo Lumen plastics and are pretty darn flat, giving it an even more low-profile feel in your hand. Torque resistant? Absolutely. Best premium version of the Logic produced, hands down.

Check out our video review of the Logic!

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Lux Vapor, MF Lumen Neo

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173g – D6645, 174g – D6646, 174g – D6647, 174g – D6648, 175g – D6649, 175g – D6650, 175g – D6651, 175g – D6652, 176g – D6653, 176g – D6654, 176g – D6655, 176g – D6656, 174g – D7777, 174g – D7778, 174g – D7779, 174g – D7780, 174g – D7781, 174g – D7782, 174g – D7783, 174g – D7784, 175g – D7785


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