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 ThumbnailPlasticWeight - OptionPrice
Metal Flake C-Line177g - Yellow$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line177g - Yellow 2$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line177g - Light Blue$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line177g - Gray$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line177g - Gray 2$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line177g - Gray 3$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line177g - Orange$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line177g - Blue$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line178g - Light Blue$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line178g - Light Blue 2$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line178g - Red$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line178g - Red 2$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line178g - Red 3$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line178g - Purple$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line178g - Purple 2$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line178g - Orange$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line178g - Blue$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line179g - Purple$21.99
Metal Flake C-Line179g - Orange$21.99


Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

The European Open approaches fast and to celebrate the occasion we prepared the first run of the Reinvented MD4! Our second fundraiser brings another exclusive prototype in stunning Metal Flake C-Line plastic. Looking for the perfect compliment to your mid-range game? MD4 brings an added notch of stability compared to MD3, meaning you can give it that extra boost when you need it most and count on it to finish to the ground reliably every time.


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Metal Flake C-Line

Weight - Option

177g – Yellow, 177g – Yellow 2, 177g – Light Blue, 177g – Gray, 177g – Gray 2, 177g – Gray 3, 177g – Orange, 177g – Blue, 178g – Light Blue, 178g – Light Blue 2, 178g – Red, 178g – Red 2, 178g – Red 3, 178g – Purple, 178g – Purple 2, 178g – Orange, 178g – Blue, 179g – Purple, 179g – Orange


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