Discraft 2022 Chandler Fry Surge

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170-172g - D3059 Original price was: $24.95.Current price is: $12.95.
170-172g - D3061 Original price was: $24.95.Current price is: $12.95.


Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3

Whether you’re throwing downwind or into a moderate headwind, the Surgeā„¢ will deliver maximum distance with extra glide while still remaining highly controllable.

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167-169g – D3056, 167-169g – D3057, 170-172g – D3058, 170-172g – D3059, 170-172g – D3060, 170-172g – D3061, 170-172g – D3062, 173-174g – D88, 173-174g – D92


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