Discraft Ledgestone Cicada


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 ThumbnailPlasticWeight - OptionPrice
ESP Swirl173-174g - Yellow-Orange/Purple$19.95
ESP Swirl173-174g - Green-Orange/Green$19.95
ESP Swirl173-174g - Green/White$19.95
ESP Swirl175-176g - Orange/Purple$19.95
ESP Swirl175-176g - Mint - Silver$19.95
ESP Swirl175-176g - Green-Blue/Silver$19.95
ESP Swirl175-176g - Purple/Green$19.95
ESP Swirl175-176g - Purple/Silver$19.95
ESP Swirl175-176g - Pink-Green/White$19.95
ESP Swirl175-176g - Pink-Green/Silver$19.95
Z Swirl167-169g - Pink/Red$19.95
Z Swirl173-174g - Orange/Green$19.95
Z Swirl173-174g - Green/Green$19.95
Z Swirl173-174g - Pink/Green$19.95
Z Swirl173-174g - Yellow/Copper$19.95
Z Swirl173-174g - Green/Bronze$19.95


Speed 7 | Glide  6 | Turn -1 | Fade 1

With a trajectory that’s undeniably straight, the Cicada is a force to be reckoned with. Unleash its potential and watch it flip seamlessly. This disc embodies the spirit of adaptability, offering players the versatility needed for strategic shot shaping throughout any course.

The Cicada finds its rightful place in Discraft’s lineup. It doesn’t just belong; it thrives, elevating the game of disc golf and complementing Discraft’s legacy of producing outstanding discs.

Welcome the Cicada into your collection, and let it be the symbol of your game’s rise!


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Z Swirl, ESP Swirl

Weight - Option

173-174g – Yellow-Orange/Purple, 173-174g – Green-Orange/Green, 173-174g – Green/White, 175-176g – Orange/Purple, 175-176g – Mint – Silver, 175-176g – Green-Blue/Silver, 175-176g – Purple/Green, 175-176g – Purple/Silver, 175-176g – Pink-Green/White, 175-176g – Pink-Green/Silver, 167-169g – Green/Gold, 167-169g – Orange/Red, 167-169g – Pink/Red, 170-172g – Green/Gold, 170-172g – Red/Gold, 173-174g – Orange/Green, 173-174g – Green/Green, 173-174g – Pink/Green, 173-174g – Yellow/Copper, 173-174g – Green/Bronze


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