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Kastaplast Krut

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Speed 12 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

Thankfully we don’t need gun powder to power our discs down the fairway. Instead, we use our bodies to slingshot the disc. Technique is a major part of disc golf and once you have gained control over your movement a reliable disc is essential for consistent results. Krut will give you that consistency. When the Guld lose speed and continue to glide, the Krut enter a predictable fade.

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172g – D5832, 172g – D5833, 172g – D5834, 172g – D5835, 173g – D5836, 173g – D5837, 173g – D5838, 173g – D5839, 173g – D5840, 173g – D5841


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