Prodigy Airborn Shadowfax


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400172g - D2189$15.95
400172g - D2190$15.95
400173g - D2195$15.95


Speed 9 | Glide 5 | Turn -2 | Fade 1

The Airborn Shadowfax slides into our Prodigy Collabs Series as a collaboration with Cale Leiviska. The Shadowfax is a fairway driver that can help you shape beautiful lines as you’ve seen Cale do time and time again. It has controllable high speed turn that’s complemented by a mild finish to keep it from rolling over. Hyzerflips and smooth turnovers with a nice flat finish are right in your hands with the Shadowfax.

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172g – D2189, 172g – D2190, 172g – D2191, 172g – D2192, 172g – D2193, 173g – D2194, 173g – D2195, 174g – D2196, 174g – D2197, 174g – D2198, 175g – D2199, 175g – D2200, 176g – D2201, 176g – D2202


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