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 ThumbnailPlasticWeight - OptionPrice
Neutron168g - D319$14.45
Neutron169g - D320$14.45
Neutron175g - D322$14.45
Neutron175g - D323$14.45
Proton169g - D2709$13.95
Proton169g - D2710$13.95
Proton174g - D2711$13.95


Speed 7 | Glide 5 | Turn -2 | Fade 1

The Drift is designed for laser straight lines ending with a gentle fade and an exceptional amount of glide, providing easy distance with this highly versatile driver. The Drift has a modest rim size, a slightly domed profile, and an easily activated turn for hyzer-flips or big turnover shots. The Drift will make its grand debut in Neutron Plastic, pairing perfectly with its bright opaque colors, durability, and grip. This Speed 7 driver is the first fairway driver in the Streamline fleet and continues the trend of stunning triple-foil stock stamps.

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Neutron, Proton

Weight - Option

168g – D319, 169g – D320, 175g – D322, 175g – D323, 169g – D2709, 169g – D2710, 174g – D2711


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